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About Target

Target SMS provide organizations, Companies, with access to Mobile Messaging Solutions that enable our partner to grow their client base, and connect with targeted users all over Egypt. We have a well-developed database with more than 40,000,000 segmented contacts ready for your business.

You can start sending promotional SMS to market your business to the exact customer you would like to have. Target SMS continuously updates its database to make sure you achieve the best results from your campaigns.

Power is nothing without Control and Marketing via SMS is nothing without the right Targets, and this is what Target SMS aims to provide for its clients.

Dedicated Software House behind it. Read more

Target Mission

Deliver best value possible against reasonable cost to build and maintain long-term relationships and credible partnerships with our clients through our committed services and state of the art technology.

Target Vision

As Our people are completely and comprehensively up to date with all developments in the mobile telecommunications industry We strive to be leaders in the Bulk and Marketing SMS services, while maintaining best quality and cost- effective innovative solutions.

Softex our sister Company

Is a very fast growing software development house that was founded in January 2004, we design and develop professional Business Solutions which are presented to our customers with the most friendly and easy to use interface. Softex doesn’t only stop at developing concrete business solutions; it offers its clients the luxury of getting uniquely attractive designed and hosted websites to help each company interpret who they really are among their peers through the internet.

Simplifying professional Business Solutions to our partners has allowed us to increase our activities with improved quality over a very short time. Softex is now advancing ahead in the fields of Online Business applications and Web Oriented solutions.

Visit Softex Website


Send Bulk SMS

Send branded SMS to your own contacts in a seconds at low cost.

Target SMS by City

Send marketing SMS to Customers by City (Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, etc.)

Target SMS by Area

Send marketing SMS to Customers by Area (Nasr City, Maadi, Heliopolis, 5th settlement, etc.)

Target SMS by Street

Send marketing SMS to Customers by Street name (Abbas el Akaad, Salah Salem, 90th Road, etc.)

Target SMS by Activity

Send marketing SMS to Customers by their interest (Gym Visitors, Fast food lovers, German Cars Owners, Specific sports club members, etc.)

Target SMS by Class

Send marketing SMS to Customers by their income category (high income, medium income, employee, business owners, Managers, etc.)

Combined SMS Targeting

Send Marketing SMS to specific users with multiple filters (for example females living in Maadi with age between 25 and 45 with Gym memberships.)

Packages Pricing

Our Packages Pricing in EGYPT

Package Package Price Cost / SMS Order
1,000 SMS 250 EGP 0.25 EGP

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1,500 SMS 360 EGP 0.24 EGP

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3,000 SMS 690 EGP 0.23 EGP

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5,000 SMS 1050 EGP 0.21 EGP

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10,000 SMS 2050 EGP 0.205 EGP

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15,000 SMS 3,000 EGP 0.20 EGP

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25,000 SMS 4,750 EGP 0.19 EGP

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50,000 SMS 9,250 EGP 0.185 EGP

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75,000 SMS 13,500 EGP 0.18 EGP

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100,000 SMS 17,500 EGP 0.175 EGP

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*Note: All prices are including VAT


Auto-Correct Filters

Prevents you from wasting your credit on duplicated or wrong numbers.

Flexible Pricing with no setup / entry fees

your account is free and you only pay for SMS you are going to send.

Alphanumeric Sender of your brand

Send SMS with your company name, with the ability to change the sender name when you want without extra cost.

Contacts Categories database for free

each account will have his own Mobile numbers database with full control of categorization and grouping for later use within his account.

Multi-Campaigns Auto Scheduling

schedule as many campaigns on your own customized calendar and when the time come, the system will send the campaign for you even if you are sleeping on the beach.

API Connections for Free

No need to pay anything extra for using our SMS API, you can link your existing software to send SMS easily and without any additional costs. Your accounts comes with free API Account.

No Expiry for your credit

Purchased credit will never expire, you can use it month or even years later if needed.

Full Control Panel

Have your own username and password to control the sending operation, monitor the usage of your credit and even view your usage history.

Reliable Refund policy

if you do not like the service and you want to have your money back at any time, just file a refund request and you will get 80% of your balance in Cash within 2 business days.

Direct Connections with mobile networks

we work only with direct connections with different mobiles operators, no points of failures. Just send your message directly to the network (reliability and performance of delivery)

Multi-Language Support

Send SMS in English / Arabic / or any other language using the same account and the same credit.

Long SMS Content Support

Send Long SMS Messages with single or double length with price calculator

Free Training and Technical Support

Full Technical Support team ready to support you by phone / mail and also through complete set of training videos and manuals free within your account. Each new SMS account is eligible for 2 hours free training session at our office in Cairo without additional charges.

SMS Facts

  • Studies Shows that 97% of SMS are Read
  • Over 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.
  • Text messages marketing products 10 times better results than newspaper campaigns
  • In Egypt Only there is +92,640,000 Registered Mobile Lines
  • There is no closer way to reach customers than on their own mobile numbers.
  • SMS Stays on the customer mobile, studies shows that over 98% of the human population keep their mobiles with them all the time.

frequently asked questions

No, Softex offers lifetime guarantee for your credit, but you can only ask for refund within 15 days of your purchase.
If you do not like the service and you want to have your money back at any time, just file a refund request and you will get 80% of your balance in Cash within 2 business days. Please note that you can apply for refund only within 15 days of your payment date.
You can choose any name you like (Except for universal brands) up to 11 characters or numbers. You might be asked to verify the official papers for the company you want to send on its behalf.
Sure, just send us an email with your request, and we will be happy to modify it for you within 3 business days. We will modify it without additional charges and without deducting any value from your credit.
Sure, our web portal provides full support for Arabic language whenever needed. But please note that Arabic SMS will have only 70 characters per message, on the other hand English SMS have 160 Characters per message.
Our System allows you to send 2 SMS messages as one message; it is called a double SMS. In this case you will have 140 characters for Arabic and 320 characters for English, but please note that you will be charged as 2 SMS per message (Double charge). Double message will appear on receive mobile as one message, so it will be exactly as you sent it.

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